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List Management - Unique Lists

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Unique Lists is a comprehensive permission based List Management Service Provider. We utilize cutting edge management and revenue reporting systems to help you achieve maximum returns on your data.

  • Maximize data value
  • Database scrubbing
  • Database merge-purge services
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Our Company

Unique Lists, Inc. is a company which traces its roots back almost ten years in the online marketing industry. As online entrepreneurs, several years of buying leads, mailings and other online data products taught us some valuable and expensive lessons.

We learned the hard way, that online purveyors and managers of data aren’t always the most honest group of people, and that if we wanted a good deal, and a quality product, that we would have to do it ourselves. So that’s exactly what we set out to do roughly seven years ago.

Our business started in lead generation, and has expanded to include virtually every legal and ethical form of online marketing known today. Because more and more of our lead generation customers requested that we help to manage their lists to maximize their financial returns, we created Unique Lists, Inc. to handle this important task.

With our usual emphasis on a legal, clean, honest and ethical business, we’ve experienced tremendous success and incredible growth in the list management portion of our business. We focus on an extremely strict compliance regime to make sure that we protect your data, and your company, like our own.
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